A mobile platform powering the next generation of barbershops

Powering the next generation of barbershops

CLYPR is an all-in-one barbershop management system.


Track your commission & collect rent

See your entire shop schedule

Clients book with you online 24/7

Get your time back

We know your time is precious and every minute counts. CLYPR takes care of the day-to-day so that you can focus on your craft.

Get paid — Fast

Clients have the option to pay up-front to save time and CLYPR always makes sure to give barbers 100% of their tips.

Let's grow together

Grow and scale your business while saving time and money. CLYPR is designed for barbers who have a growth mindset!

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* 90 days after switching to CLYPR
CLYPR has made life so much easier for my barbers. Collecting rent is a breeze now and my clients love how easy it is to book.
Jorge Fleites

Owner, Fade County Barbershop

West Miami, FL

Switching to CLYPR was so easy to do. They walked us through migrating our client list and we never missed a beat. It was such a smooth transition.
Miguel Herrada

Owner, Ace of Fades Salon & Barbershop

Cape Coral, FL

CLYPR opened me up to so many new customers. Now I'm booked everyday of the week and am able to raise my prices.
Eduardo Martinez

Independent Barber, United Studios

Fort Myers, FL

The customer service CLYPR provided when we switched was amazing. They provided 1-on-1 training for all the barbers in my shop. Totally recommend!
Luis Parra

Owner, Pinnacle Barbers

Fort Lauderdale, FL